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JL, Heywood; ME, Sieracki; W, Bellows; NJ, Poulton; R, Stepanauskas

Capturing diversity of marine heterotrophic protists: one cell at a time Journal Article

In: The ISME Journal, 5 , pp. 674-684, 2010.

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A, Reyes-Prieto; HS, Yoon; A, Moustafa; EC, Yang; RA, Andersen; SM, Boo; T, Nakayama; KI, Ishida; D, Bhattacharya

Differential gene retention in plastids of common recent origin Journal Article

In: Molecular biology and evolution, 27 (7), pp. 1530-1537, 2010.

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T, Woyke; G, Xie; A, Copeland; JM, Gonzalez; C, Han; H, Kiss; J, Saw; P, Senin; C, Yang; S, Chatterji; J-F, Cheng; JA, Eisen; ME, Sieracki; R, Stepanauskas

Assembling the marine metagenome, one cell at a time Journal Article

In: PLoS ONE, 4 (4), pp. e5299, 2009.

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T, Ishoey; T, Woyke; R, Stepanauskas; M, Novotny; RS, Lasken

Genomic sequencing of single microbial cells from environmental samples Journal Article

In: Current Opinion in Microbiology, 11 (3), pp. 198-204, 2008.

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R, Stepanauskas; ME, Sieracki

Matching phylogeny and metabolism in the uncultured marine bacteria, one cell at a time Journal Article

In: PNAS, 104 (21), pp. 9052-9057, 2007.

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