SCGC Community Survey

Over the past year, SCGC overhauled its entire analytical workflow. This enabled large improvements in genome recovery from single cells and viral particles, integrated genome and phenotype analyses of each cell, and significantly reduced sequencing costs. To make sure we deliver on SCGC mission in the most effective ways, we would appreciate your feedback by responding to this community survey.

Position (please select one)
Have you used SCGC services?
Have SCGC services benefited your research? Please elaborate.
Are you satisfied with SCGC services so far? Please elaborate.
What improvements to SCGC services would you like to see?
Does the recent replacement of PCR-based SAG screens with LoCoS affect your work? Please elaborate.
What additional information would you like to see on the SCGC website?
Which SCGC workshops did you attend?
Would you be interested in participating in SCGC workshops and courses in the future? If so, what would you like to get out of them?
Do you plan on using SCGC services in the foreseeable future?
How did you learn about SCGC?
How else should SCGC reach out to its community?